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Cooka focuses on the development, production and sales of high-end thick film angle/travel sensors, high-end potentiometer components.

Cooka also focuses on the research and development of products related to thick film resistance technology, and is committed to continuously deepening the research and application of new materials in thick film sensor industry. Through the research and application of new materials and new technologies, a series of outstanding performance advantages have been formed.

Cooka’s products have been widely used in industrial control, electric valves, medical services, heavy industry equipment, drilling equipment, industrial Joystick, industrial automation equipment, game machines, audio & light controller, precision controllers, power tools and so on.

Market Applications
Linear sensor
Angle sensor
High end potentiometer
Industrial Joystick
Mainly used in robot arm sensor, electronic ruler, medical sensor, etc
Mainly used in steering gear, electric valve, automotive electronics, military accessories, crane, tower crane, pump truck controller, aerospace ship, agricultural machinery, navigation control equipment, paver, industrial equipment, etc
Mainly used in large entertainment equipment, sound and light control system, welding equipment, industrial control equipment, frequency converter, accelerator controller, pedal, medical diagnosis equipment, forklift, communication equipment, high-end consumer electronics, etc
Act as Key part of Industrial remote controller
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Found the new material and did a lot of material technology experiment and focused on carbon resistance field.
Finished 2 million cycles life product carbon material development and finished all performance tests.
Develop Low Temperature Coefficient(400ppm) marterial and process technology.
Developed a low temperature coefficient (200ppm), high temperature resistant, 5 watt carbon-based material.
Finished first big order of carbon material.
Set up British COOKA LTD and complete the trademark registration of COOKA in the United Kingdom. Began to develop and output cooka potentiometer product.
Developed 14 series high-end protentiometers, sensors, switchs and film resistors. Cooka products have been successfully recognized by a large number of customers.
Registered Cooka Technology Co., Ltd. In China.
Finished ISO9001:2015 Quality system certification.
Completed 10 million cycles life carbon film technology research and development and finished test.
Finished 20 million cycles life carbon film technology development.
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